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Diabetes Paragraph

Diabetes Paragraph - balance glucose levels”(Silva et al...

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Found prominently in South America and parts of Asia, the leaves of the plant Bauhinia forficata or , as known by hispanics, “pata de vaca”, are used for the medical purpose of treating diabetes. The use of the purified form of Bauhinia forficata leaves have been known to significantly decrease the blood glucose levels in a diabetic patient (Silva et al. 2002). It is traditionally prepared as tea in the Southern American regions. The hypoglycemic effect that the Bauhinia forficate plant displays is similar to that of insulin because it “was shown to help
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Unformatted text preview: balance glucose levels” (Silva et al. 2002). The use of ethnomedicine in the form of purified Bauhinia forficata leaves has led it to become a remedy for one of the most important illnesses, diabetes. Silva, F.R.M.B, Szpoganicz B., Pizzolatti, M.G., Willrich, M.A.V., de Sousa, E. 2002. Acute effect of Bauhinia forficata on serum glucose levels in normal and alloxan-induced diabetic rats. 83(1-2): 33-37....
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