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Decentering Instrument Short version

Decentering Instrument Short version - Social Decentering...

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Social Decentering Short Form Write a number in front of each item using the scale below to indicate how much each statement describes you and your experiences. 1-----------------------2-----------------------3-----------------------4-----------------------5 Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree/Disagree Agree Strongly Agree A B 1_____ I get emotional over almost anybody's crisis. 2 _____ I have wondered what people in some foreign countries think about various world problems. 3_____ I feel the pain my closest friends feel when they are in trouble. 4_____ I would feel some of the same feelings as a close friend (think of a particular friend) if both his/her parents were killed in an automobile accident; my friend would probably have some feelings I would not feel, as well. 5_____ I would feel some of the feelings that a senior citizen I was talking to might have upon learning of the death of their spouse of fifty years. 6
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