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1 BIOL 1107L Photosynthesis Essay Fall Semesters An unfortunate fact of life in science is that researchers must spend a great deal of time seeking support for this work. This usually means writing grant proposals to request funding. Proposals need to explain not just what you have done and/or would like to do, but also how this work relates to what is already known and why your study is important. For this assignment, assume that you have just completed a preliminary study examining the effect of an environmental variable on photosynthesis. You would like to continue this work but need to receive support to do so. Using the Student Designed Experiment Chart on pages 3-11 and 3-12 as well as the questions in your photosynthesis protocol handout from last week in your lab manual as guidelines , compose a 3-4 page typed, summary essay in response to the following: 1. What environmental variable did you choose to test this week and why? Clearly explain the importance of your mini-study and why you feel it deserves new or continued
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PhtosynSDEEssayFinal_FallSemesters - BIOL 1107L...

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