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BIOL 1107L Grading Criterion for Introduction and Materials and Methods Introduction: Earn up to 5 points Was the purpose of the experiment stated? (1 point) Was there a thorough presentation of background information to support WHY this experiment was being conducted? (2 points) Was the hypothesis clearly stated? (1 points) References cited correctly* (1 point) *Remember to use the minimum references required, as explained in your syllabus: “You will be required to write one (1) lab report which relates to specific experiments performed in lab. You will need to generate hypotheses relating to the experiment,
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Unformatted text preview: and at a minimum, you are required to use your textbook and lab manual as well as two different peer-reviewed scientific articles (primary sources of literature outside of your text and manual) that you have reviewed and feel support your experiment . Materials and Methods*: Earn up to 5 points Were all protocols explained completely? (able to be reproduced) (2 points) Were all controls explained? (1 point) Was this section written in proper narrative form? (1 points) Was procedure referenced? (1 points) * Note : You should NOT interpret data in the Materials and Methods section....
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