1. Corporations and Politics - 1. Corporations and Politics...

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1. Corporations and Politics Title may be misleading: This course is about the interaction between the environments that affect all corporations: Business Manufacturing, finance, trade, service, any other economic activity Fundamental purpose is to satisfy human needs by creating products and services Government Local, state, federal, international Society- Network of human relations ideas- intangibles, values, ideologies, what is good, beautiful… Institutions- formal relations that link people together to accomplish a goal, use rules and procedures, reflect the prevailing ideas of society Material possessions- are products of, yet help shape ideas and institutions, type and quantity are determined by the extent of resources available The relationship: A Social Contract exists to guide business and managers Many different ideas exist to explain how the relationship functions The Market Capitalism Model Assumptions Laissez-faire, government intervention is inefficient, market forces will meet society’s needs, market performance is the best measure of social performance Individuals can pursue their own self- interest The greed of individuals is used to create economic progress, people want to make money Governments, not business, should address social issues People are free to take risks Competition leads to quality of product and service Conclusions Government regulation should be limited
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1. Corporations and Politics - 1. Corporations and Politics...

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