2. Dynamic Business Environment

2. Dynamic Business Environment - 2. The Dynamic Business...

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2. The Dynamic Business Environment The one thing that will never change is that there will always be change Historical Forces of Change 0. The Industrial Revolution 0. Turned simple agrarian economies into complex industrial societies 1. Inequality 1. Status distinctions have always defined societies, can be economic or non-economic distinctions 2. Population Growth 2. Growth is highest in less industrialized regions, increases the wealth gap 3. Technology 3. From fire to nanotechnology, provides benefits and stress 4. Globalization 4. Occurs when economic, social, military, political, scientific, and environmental interdependence spreads worldwide 5. Nation-States 5. Allows individuals and groups to influence their circumstances 6. Dominant Ideologies 6. Set of beliefs and values that organize a worldview (capitalism, democracy), some assist development while others impede 7. Leadership 7. For better or worse 8. Chance 8. We must be prepared for the most unprecedented events The Seven Key Environments of Business 0. Adapting to change is everyone’s responsibility 1. These forces can bring rapid and comprehensive change. The Economic Environment
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2. Dynamic Business Environment - 2. The Dynamic Business...

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