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1Anthony Holstein Rough Draft English Famous People Michael Jordan Intro: Picture 1: Michael Jordan when he won his first NBA Title. This picture will show Michael Jordan after he won his first NBA Title and talk about hiis career before this point. Including his career before the NBA. It will talk about his highschool years as well as his college career at UNC. Picture 2: Michael Jordan when he won his sixth and last NBA Title. This picture will show Michael with all 6 of his NBA Finals rings. This will discuss the ups and downs of his career in between his first and last NBA Finals win. It will explain how much of a competitor he was. He didn’t just win one tital and settle for that. He worked harder and harder and eventually became arguably the best player ever. It will talk about the ups and downs of Michael’s career including
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Unformatted text preview: his retirement and brief try and playing Major League Baseball. Picture 3: Michael Jordan as a business man. This will show Michael Jordan in the businees world. It will explain why and how Michael is such an enormous part of basketball and urban culture still today. He has been retired for years but yet his legacy still lives on through his clothing, shoes and other business endeavors. It will help to show how smart Michael Jordan really is that he can leave behind the game of basketball but yet you can’t talk about the history of the game without mentioning his name. Michael Jordan has become one of the biggest names in the urban clothing market ever. From his sneakers to his clothing you see his jump man symbol everywhere around sports. Conclusion:...
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