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6. Implementing Social Responsibility

6. Implementing Social Responsibility - 8 True Philanthropy...

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6. Implementing Social Responsibility Pressures on Business to Undertake Social Programs community competitive activist groups stockholders and investors customers employees crises governments multilateral organizations philanthropic requests Key Elements in Implementing Social Programs 0. Executive Leadership is a key element in implementing social programs 0. must set the tone for action 1. Mission, Value and Vision Statements 1. express guiding philosophies 2. may be ignored 2. Issues Management 3. deciding what program to undertake 3. Alignment of Structure and Process with Social Goals 4. organizational structure must support the process 5. training to educate employees about social programs 6. compensation may be linked to success in a social program 7. awards and recognition for employees 4. Commitment to Corporate Philanthropy
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Unformatted text preview: 8. True Philanthropy is selfless giving, without motive. 9. Strategic Philanthropy aligns business mission with charitable mission. 10. Venture Philanthropy is an attempt to bring the philosophy of venture capital to the world of charitable giving. (Newman’s Dressings) 11. Cause-related Marketing links a product or a brand to some relevant social cause. Facts About Charitable Giving- 2000 0. Total contribution in the United States was about $203 billion. 1. Corporate giving was about $10.9 billion. 2. Individuals gave about $152 billion. 3. Two-thirds of corporations do not engage in active giving. 4. Corporate giving takes many forms: 5. Direct gifts & grants of cash & other assets 6. Lending of executives and services 7. Widespread rank & file employee involvement...
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