11. Consumerism - 11, Consumerism A consumer is someone who...

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11, Consumerism A consumer is someone who buys things, who uses products and services. Consumerism 0. A movement to improve the rights and powers of consumers in relation to the sellers of products and services 1. Also a protest movement of consumers against what they see as unfair 2. An ancient idea 0. Fraudulent advertising is universal 1. The Populist and Progressive Movements focused on marketplace issues 3. 3. JOHN F. KENNEDY JOHN F. KENNEDY 2. As President of the United States, in 1962 addressed Congress and defined the basic rights of consumers: 0. The right to safety 1. The right to be informed 2. The right to choose 3. The right to be heard 3. This speech is often referred to as the Consumers’ Magna Carta Consumers’ Magna Carta. 4. Dozens of major consumer protection acts were passed Consumerism; is also 5. A powerful ideology that guides social conduct 4. goods give meaning to people in society 6. “Americans define themselves and their relationship with others through the exchange and use of goods.” Gary Cross, Cultural Historian 7. The 20 th century saw emergence of an American society characterized by; 5. Flexible social ties 6. Social mobility 7. Physical mobility 8. Cultural variation 8. People began to express themselves through their possessions 9. Food 10. Clothing 11. Houses 12. cars An alternative ideology?: 0. There are no likely or universally appealing alternatives 0. Simple, utilitarian living 1. Puritan example 1. Has not been widely appreciated 2. Ralph Nader 2. Sometimes referred to as the father of the consumer movement 3. Identified dangerous design and production flaws of the Chevrolet Corvair in his book Unsafe at any Speed 4. still advocating on behalf of consumers today. 3. Advocate practicality 4. Warn against false advertising practices 5. Consider function over excitement when making a purchase
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Consumerism is the belief that goods give meaning to individuals and their roles in society. is a movement to strengthen the rights of consumers in relation to sellers.
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11. Consumerism - 11, Consumerism A consumer is someone who...

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