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Stat341 – Spring07- Exam 3 Study Guide Chapter 4 ( Section 4.1 – 4.10): Continuous Random Variables and their probability distribution Probability density function f(x)—Properties Probability distribution function F(x)-- Properties, how to find, And use of F(x) for finding f(x) Expected values and properties Variance and properties Special continuous probability distributions--- Uniform, Normal, Gamma, Exponential, Beta -
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Unformatted text preview: Know how to use them for finding probabilities. [Formulas for f(x), E(X), V(X) for these distributions as well as tables of standard normal probabilities will be provided.] Moments and Moment Generating Function Tchebysheff’s Theorm. General: Go over homework, class exercises and practice problems as given in handouts in class ....
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