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BA 4307- 501 Mon/Wed 530-645pm Spring 2009 Instructor: David Ritchey University of Texas at Dallas Office: SOM 2.240 P.O.Box 830688, SM-20 Phone: 972-883-4076 Richardson, Texas, 75083 Email: Fax: 972-883-6425 Office hours: Wednesday, 3-4 pm or by appointment Required Textbooks: 1) Capitalism at the Crossroads by Hart 2) Banker to the Poor by Yunnus 3) Can’t Buy My Love by Kilbourne You will need three (3) scantron forms # 882-E available in the bookstore Course Description: Our section of Corporations, Politics, and Society is designed to provide students with an understanding of the increasingly vital relationships between business, government, society, and the individual, and to provide students with the tools and analytical abilities necessary to develop strategies to manage the concerns of internal and external stakeholders of business. Students will be given the opportunity to become more aware of: social, political, and ethical issues facing business, society, and individuals, how these issues impact business, and business impacts these issues, how and why government affects business, how to develop a broad range of organizational and managerial responses to social and ethical issues, the global nature of the business environment today, the idea that the fate of a corporation may not be decided by the marketplace, but in the non-market environment. Course Learning Objectives: upon completing the course, successful students will be able to: 1. analyze the social and political environment of a firm in a specific situation. 2. list and evaluate a firm’s stakeholders. 3. discuss the effects of historical social and political events and trends on the current business environment. Final Grade Calculation will be as follows (percent of total points): 97 and above A+ 93 – 96.99 A 90 – 92.99 A- Grade evaluation mix 87 – 89.99 B+ Test #1 28% 83 – 86.99 B Test #2 28% 80 – 82.99 B- Test #3 29% 77 – 79.99 C+ Papers 14% 73 – 76.99 C All papers in on time 1% 70 – 72.99 C- 67 – 69.99 D+ 63 – 66.99 D 60 – 62.99 D- anything below 60%, is a grade of F There will not be a make-up test if you miss a test. If you miss a test, you will take a cumulative final exam. If you score poorly on a test, you do not have the option of taking a cumulative final exam.
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If you wish to do well in this class: attend class regularly, participate thoughtfully, help me learn your name take good notes (I don’t supply copies if you are not here) and do well on exams arrive on time, don’t suggest a time to leave, try to not get up in the middle of a lecture and walk out do your own work, no side conversations, turn off all electronics, be courteous to everyone never drop a class without first consulting the instructor, even if you can’t stand them (or me) On scantron graded exams, the machine will count any answer wrong if it perceives that two or more answers were given. Therefore, completely erase answers that you change.
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syllabus - BA 4307- 501 Instructor: Office: Phone: Email:...

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