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1. America’s Expansion a. spreading “liberty” b. expansion of markets c. ‘White Man’s Burden’ -benevolent imperialism i. Belief it is white man’s duty to civilize others. ii. Surge in Missionaries (India, Africa, China, Latin America) iii. Alaska-1867. iv. Hawaii-1898. v. Wasn’t looking to colonize these regions. Too expensive. Economic Domination. Selective colonization. 2. Spanish-American War- “Splendid Little War”-1898 a. 4 months-400 Americans died. b. “Humanitarian Mission” to free Cuba from Spanish Colonialism. Idea from Monroe Doctrine (no more European dominance in western hempisphere) i. Americans hear how Spanish are treating Cubans-cause.
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Feb 1898-Havannah. US Main explodes-270 Americans lose their lives. Americans believe Spain attacked ship. iii. April 1898-McKinnley-demands end of Spanish rule. iv. June 22 nd (Cuban Shores)-July 17 th (Spain Surrenders) fighting of war occurred. v. San Juan Hill-Teddy Roosevelt-rag tag group of men against Spanish Troops. c. Peace Conference in Paris-Spanish gives Guam and Puerto Rico to US, sells Philippines and Cuba gains freedom. d. Filipino Rebels-1903 US finally gains control of Philippines. i. 1935-Philippines gains own independence. e. US now Imperial Nation....
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