HIST224 MIDTERM REVIEW - Cordoba- Cohort- Predominantly...

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Unformatted text preview: Cordoba- Cohort- Predominantly used by the Romans is a fairly large military unit, generally consisting of one type of soldier. Arquebus- a primitive firearm used in the 15th to 17th centuries. I t displaced the early musket. Was able to punch through amour, and only took a small amount of skill to learn and used compared to the longbow Bastion- is a structure projecting outward from the main enclosure of a fortification. Gave them a full range on which to attack on coming troops, and allowed them to cover adjacent bastions. Bombard- 15 th century late medieval cannon used to hurl large stones. They helped aide in siege warfare Battle Piece- Battle of Fornovo- July 6, 1495 The League of Venice was able to temporally drive out the French from the I talian Peninsula. I t was the first major battle of the I talian Wars. Battle of Hastings- 1066 battle for the throne. between the William Normands and Harold Saxons. The Normands shot over the wall killing and weakening the Saxons, then sent for a final blow to break through the shield wall. Saxons fell and King William was crowned. Carvel- A small warship built using a skeletal structure. I t was also good for exploration because it could move in close to short and it could carry large crews or cargos. Battle of Cerignola- April 1503, French and Swiss have heavy cavalry and pikemen. They are up against the Spanish Army of Cordoba, who has infantry dug in with small arms. They trap the French and Swiss in a ditch and then shoot them up with their small arms....
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HIST224 MIDTERM REVIEW - Cordoba- Cohort- Predominantly...

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