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rschpaperfys - Anthony Holstein Prof Pierce FYS 14 December...

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1Anthony Holstein Prof. Pierce FYS 14 December 2006 Throughout the semester we studied and read about many different gamblers. All of these gamblers had their own separate stories and experiences. While these stories took place at very different times in history, I believe all gamblers share many characteristics. It’s hard to believe that Mike McDermott from the film Rounders and Alexi from the novel The Gambler are unusually similar to each other. However, a closer look shows us that these two gamblers share similar stories. In the beginning of Rounders we meet Mike. He is a young man who is enrolled in a prestigious law school with a very promising future. Mike has the uncanny ability to play poker at a very high level and he uses this ability to benefit him financially. Mike is paying his way through law school with his poker abilities when his career suddenly takes a turn for the worst. Mike decides to do what he calls “taking his shot”. Mike puts his entire bankroll on the line in a game that for once he is not certain to come out on top. Mike loses an insane hand and watches his entire $30,000 bank roll slide across the table in chips. Despite his loss Mike’s girlfriend sticks by his side under one condition. He never sits at another card table as long as they live. Mike agrees and stops playing poker. His life suddenly changes when his lifelong best friend Worm gets out of prison. This is where Mike and Alexi’s lives begin to become very similar. When Mike picks Worm up from prison he learns that he is not the only one that is glad that Worm is out. Worm has an outstanding gambling debt with a certain few people that you do not want to owe money to. He owes about $15,000 to various people. At first Mike is very
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persistent in saying that he is done playing poker and will not help worm. He gives Worm some money to get started and drops him off at the first game. However, Mike knows that Worm is truly in trouble and he can’t leave a friend behind that has stuck by him through thick and thin. Mike’s situation with Worm is similar to Alexi’s relationship with his current crush Polina.
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rschpaperfys - Anthony Holstein Prof Pierce FYS 14 December...

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