Chapter 01 Homework-1

Chapter 01 Homework-1 - Chapter 1 Homework MIS You Enter...

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Enter your answers to the questions below in a word processor. Then go to the class website and enter your answers in the appropriate web page accessed from the Homework section of the website. Bring your printout to class for discussion and save it until you see your grade in OPE. Part 1 Pick any information system that you use. Name the specific components of that information system by category. Hokiespa 1. Hardware- Computer network, keyboard, mouse 2. Software- Windows, Internet Explorer 3. Data- Classes that are available, instructors, times, schedule, grades, personal information, address and phone number 4. Procedures- Typing, refreshing the webpage to check for available classes, entering in proper information and CRNs for selecting classes, saving updated information 5. People- The user, the developer of the website, people who work to maintain the site, teachers, students Think about the tasks performed by the people in that information system. 6. Pick one of these tasks and describe how it could be automated. If a class that a person wants is full, instead of constantly checking HokieSPA, it could be set up so that the computer will automatically select the class for you if a person drops it. 7. Describe difficulties you might encounter on the human side of the information system when you automate the task. If someone accidently pressed the wrong button and dropped their class, they would have a difficult time getting it back. It would be hard to get used to change. Waiting lists for classes could also get really long. If someone decided he or she wanted a class after a lot of people signed up for the waiting list program, it might be nearly impossible to get, no matter how persistently the person checked the
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Chapter 01 Homework-1 - Chapter 1 Homework MIS You Enter...

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