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collegeathletesfinal - Anthony Holstein College Composition...

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1Anthony Holstein College Composition Prof. McMahon Research Paper College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Imagine generating millions and millions of dollars a year and never seeing a penny of it. This is the life of today’s average NCAA Division I college athlete. These athletes bring in millions of dollars for their respective universities. These athletes are not compensated at all for their revenue generating performances. Or are they? This debate could go on forever. However, when both sides are taken into perspective we can obviously see that college athletes should not receive monetary awards for the play. College athletes should not be paid for their athletic skills. If they were, this would completely defeat the purpose of college. The purpose of college is one thing and one thing only. It is a stepping stool. It represents a place in between adolescence and the real world. College students are there to learn. They are there to perfect their skills in their respective fields. If college athletes were paid the way we view college would be completely different. Athletes would be going to a school simply because they offered them the most money. This theoretical story by Jim Winn is a perfect example. “Josh is one of the top-rated high school basketball players. Many universities have contacted him, and some are offering him more than half a million dollars because recently, the NCAA has decided to allow athletes to be paid. Josh says to himself, "I really want a nice car and lots of cash. I want to live in a life of luxury while I am at college." Josh decides goes to the school that will buy him a nice red sports car and also give him most money. But things do not go as planned by the coaches. During the early months of
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practice, Josh unfortunately injures himself so bad that he is told that he will be unable to play for the rest of the season. One of the coaches demand that Josh give the car and the money back so it can be given to someone else.”(College Athletes Should Not Be Paid, Jim Winn) Would Josh have to give back the lavish gifts? Athletes would forget that in college they are there as students first, and then athletes. What would motivate athletes to do well in school? Their education would be the last thing on their minds. They would be too focused on performing well and earning more money than getting good grades and working towards their desired profession. We should leave this up to the professional athletes of the world.
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collegeathletesfinal - Anthony Holstein College Composition...

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