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Legislative Proces1

Legislative Proces1 - Dodd and O-1&2-landscape...

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Legislative Process February 20, 2008 Fenno -6 -concept of constituency career -protectionist v. expansionist phase -exp- is first, building up their base -pro- their base protects them, as long as the vote the ‘right’ way they’re ok -earlier on opportunity costs of going home are low -the longer that you’ve been in congress the more responsibilities and the higher the Costs -7 -representation -not adequately structured in the trustee-delegate -delegate version of representation -they do what the people want and nothing else -trustee -can’t really be a delegate; use their skills and such to go to the interest of the constituency, refine public opinion -complete baloney -representation is a relationship -they are educators -how are you supposed to tell what the district wants
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Unformatted text preview: Dodd and O-1&2-landscape chapters-possibly read again-3-7-elections readings for the course-take really seriously-all straight forward except for 4-basically empirical -look at charts and such-not responsible for any of the statistical analysis -genetic basis for ideology-3/2-1 st why don’t people like the congress-they look like they have it together-veil of secrecy-just as much politics as other branches -just much more veiled -Congress is very public-not professional enough-wish it was less political-4 ways that people can think about congress-your own congressman-congressman as a whole-the institution-leadership-2 tables at the end-attempt to explain the variance that occurs in peoples’ liking of congress-a lot of these things related to each other...
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  • Spring '08
  • Evans
  • United States Congress, v. expansionist phase, opinion -complete baloney, trustee-delegate -delegate version, analysis -genetic basis, political -4 ways

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Legislative Proces1 - Dodd and O-1&2-landscape...

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