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Legislative Proces4 - -8-smith and gam-introduction to big...

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Legislative Process April 7, 2008 -70s pivotal changes in American politics -senate obstructionism -cloture votes; filibusters -post-cloture filibuster -senate majority leader -bargaining advantage -live pairs -in the house you may see paired votes -get someone that votes that opposite way -not to vote -those two subtracted from the total Dodd and O -no ids about ch. 1-7 -remember ch.7, 6, 4 -part 3 -8-12 8-9-11 -overlap -12 -not a whole lot in there that we need to know -10 -we’ve gone over it -part 4 -13 -important -15 -pretty straight forward -14 -not too important -16,17,18 -take seriously -cooper -read carefully, know main points, very theoretical -18 -not that important, read quickly
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Unformatted text preview: -8-smith and gam-introduction to big party gov.-pg 183-conditional party gov thesis -HAVE GOT TO GET IT DOWN-go through different eras of the government-how different things relate back to theory-9-less about theory-not greatly important-10-obstructionism -already been over it-11-task to update mayhew-root cpg in earlier work-more in-depth discussion of their argument-read with care, concept at core of course-ch. About cox regression-important chapter-read around cox regression-read for context-rutter ch.-not very important-a bunch of stories-insights about ways and means-next ch-wars powers resolution...
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Legislative Proces4 - -8-smith and gam-introduction to big...

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