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BUS/ST 350 Spring '07 Final Exam page 1 version 1 BUS/ST 350 FINAL EXAM Spring 2007 Reiland N a m e Lab Section # ID # INSTRUCTIONS: Write your name, lab section #, and ID# above. Note the statement at the bottom of this page that you must sign when you are finished with the exam. Supply the following information on SIDE ONE of the scantron sheet: Ê Enter your name ( ) in the "name" section; no nicknames! FILL IN THE last name first! BUBBLES. Ê Enter your 3 digit lab section number in the "special code" section. FILL IN THE BUBBLES. Ê Enter your social security number in the "identification number" section. FILL IN THE BUBBLES. Ê IMPORTANT! Enter the version number (either "1", "2"or "3") of your copy of the exam in the section marked "GRADE OR EDUCATION". The version number of this test is 1. BUBBLE IN THIS NUMBER! There are 25 multiple choice questions. On the test circle the letter that corresponds to the answer you select. Also indicate your selection on the opscan sheet. Use a #2 pencil! For each wrong answer 4 points will be subtracted from 100. ì When you are finished: ì separate your scantron sheet from the test! i) place your in the folder labeled with your version of the test scantron sheet ii) place the on the left side of the stage in the appropriate lab cover page of your test section stack GOOD LUCK!! Statement of academic honesty: I have neither given assistance to another student nor received assistance from another student while taking this exam. Signed
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BUS/ST 350 Spring '07 Final Exam page 2 version 1 1. The least squares regression line is a. the line which makes the square of the correlation in the data as large as possible b. the line which makes the sum of the squares of the vertical distances of the data points from the line as small as possible (we called these vertical distances residuals). c. the line which best splits the data in half, with half the points above the line and half below the line. d. a and b only e. a and c only In the data shown below, the dependent variable is the rate of return of an investor's portfolio of y stocks during a period and is the return for stocks included in a stock exchange index during the x same period. 12 8 144 96 13 6 169 78 14 4 196 56 15 0 225 0 16 6 256 96 17 12 289 204 18 14 324 252 105 14 1603 3 Index Portfolio Return Return BB C ÐBÑ ÐCÑ #  B œ BCœ !! ! ! # 22 2. The slope of the least squares line is a. 4.0 b. 2.75 c. .477 d. 4.0 e. 2.75 3. If the sample correlation coefficient is .80, then the percentage of variability in the dependent variable r C that is accounted for by the linear relationship between and is CB a. 36% b. 80% c. 64% d. 20% e. cannot be determined 4. For a community swimming pool in Miami, Florida, (daily attendance) is found to be related to (noontime temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit) according to the least squares line C œ #!!  "!B s Today's noontime temperature is 5 degrees colder than yesterday's. Compared to yesterday's estimate of the number of swimmers, today's estimate will be a. 50 more b. 5 less c. 205 less d. 50 less e. 250 less 5.
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finalexam_sp07 - BUS/ST 350 Spring'07 Final Exam version 1...

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