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Chemistry 2090 Homework #8 Please hand in the following problems at the beginning of class on October 31. 1. Which Period 2 atom, X, forms a compound with the Lewis structure shown below: Identify the atom X. 2. Each of the following Lewis structures is flawed. Identify what is wrong with each, and provide a better Lewis structure for the same molecule–without moving any atoms; you may move, add, or subtract electrons. Describe the molecular geometry (meaning, organization of atoms only!) associated with each of your improved structures. 3. Predict based on simple valence band orbital theory whether H
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Unformatted text preview: 2 or He + 2 requires more energy to remove the highest-energy electron. 4. Suppose we supply enough energy to a molecule of H 2 to remove one of its electrons. In the resulting ion H + 2 , is the binding energy of remaining electron higher, the same, or lower than that of the electron which we removed? Is the bond length in the ion longer, the same or shorter than in the molecule? Explain. In addition, attach the answers to the following questions found in our text: Chapter 10: 58, 76, 98, 105 Chapter 11: 8, 14 1...
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