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Chemistry 2090 Homework #12 Please hand in answers to the following questions found in Petrucci et al at the beginning of class on Friday, December 5. Chapter 6: Questions 70, 74 Chapter 12: Questions 22, 38, 40, 48 In addition, please answer the following questions: 1. A spherical bulb with a volume 0.500 ` is evacuated to an unmeasurably small residual gas pressure, and then closed. One hour later the pressure in the bulb is found to be 1 . 00 × 10 7 atmospheres, because there is a tiny hole generating a leak into the bulb. Assume that the surroundings are at 1.00 atm, T = 300K, and the average molar mass of atmospheric gases is 28.8 g/mole. Calculate the radius of the hole in the vessel wall, assuming it to be circular. 2. Steam at high pressures and temperatures is used to generate electrical power in utility plants. A large utility boiler has a volume of 2500 m 3 , and contains 140 metric tons (1 metric ton = 1000 kg) of steam at a temperature of 540 C. Use the Van der Waals equation to estimate the pressure of the steam under these conditions, in atmospheres;
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