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Chemistry 2090 Homework #13 Please do not hand in answers to Petrucci, Chapter 12 problems 62, 66, and 70 and the additional problems below. 1. Below is shown the phase diagram for CO 2 . A Fre extinguisher is charged by loading 5 kg of carbon dioxide into a cylinder whose free volume is 12.5 ` . What is the state of the carbon dioxide in the cylinder at 20 C; that is; describe the phase(s) of the carbon dioxide, and if there is a vapor phase, estimate the vapor pressure. 2. The second order ( n = 2) Bragg di±raction of x-rays with
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Unformatted text preview: = 1 . 237 A from a set of parallel plates in a sample of Al metal occurs at an angle 2 = 35 . 58 . ind the distance between the scattering planes in the crystal. 3. If the wavelength of the x-rays is too large relative to the spacing of planes in the crystal no diraction peaks are found, as the Bragg equation would require sin > 1 even for n = 1. Calculate the longest wavelength of x-rays which can show a Bragg diaction peak between two planes separated by 4.20 A. 1...
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