plato wk 2 - POT 2002 Week 2 Plato Justice in the State and...

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POT 2002 Week 2 Plato “Justice in the State and Individual” Logus = reason Social Contract theory – all customary rules of religion and moral conduct imposed on individual by social sanctions have their origin in human intelligence and will always rest of tacit consent Introduction / Roadmap What is Justice? Book 1 – Images of (In)Justice Conclusion: not right to kill Socrates (unjust) and therefore democracies are unjust (worst system excluding tyranny) ‘Socrates/ Plato’ and the 3 tasks of book 1 After Socrates death, Plato wanders (goes to Egypt) Gets ideas in North Africa … and Italians ‘West’ is much later development Pythagorems – cult around triangles Maybe I can turn tryannt to justice – tries but it doesn’t work Book 1 – set 429 BC crusp of 2 nd Peloponnesian War Year of Perroclese funeral oration before plague decimates Athens Images of (In)Justice Cephalius – old man Glacon and Edemontus – real life Plato’s brothers Socrates respectful to him Book 1: hint of what is justice Books 2-4: develop Plato’s answer to Justice (linked - individual and society) Books 5-7: Philosophical. How do we know what justice society definition is right? To defend his idea of just society. Even if you could construct perfect, it
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plato wk 2 - POT 2002 Week 2 Plato Justice in the State and...

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