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Outline -personality disorders 1

Outline -personality disorders 1 - Outline for class 3/26...

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Outline for class 3/26 Personality Disorders 1) Definition Problems with diagnosis - Disorders should represent extreme versions of normal personality  traits instead they are descibred as if they represent something  qualitatively different fomr a normal personality - Great deal of overlap in diagnostic criteria for the various disorders,  people w/ one tend to meet descr. For another o Makes it very hard to obtain reliable diagnoses - Diagnosis requires information that is hard for a Dr. to obtain - Personality disorders are conceptualized as stable characteristic of an  individual o Studies show people with disorder vary over time in how many  symptoms and the severity o People often look like that have a personality disorder when  suffereing from and Axis I disorder (depression etc.) but their  symptoms diminish when the Axis I disorder leaves - Some disorders just extreme versions os negative sterotypes of :
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o women’s personalities – histrionic, dependent, and borderline  p.d. o men’s personalities- antisocial, paranoid, and o.c.p.d. 2) Odd/eccentric cluster – people w/ odd-eccentric disorder may exhbit mild signs of schizophrenia, but retain grasp on reality Paranoid Personality Disorder - chronic and pervasive mistrust and suspicion of other people that is unwarranted - b/w 0.5 % and 5.6% prevalence - common in families with of people w/ schizophrenia - cognitive therapists see p.p.d as result of underlying belief that other  people are malevolent and deceptive o focus on increasing their sense of self-eficacy for delaing with  situations thus decreasing their fear Schizoid Personality Disorder - chronic lack of interest in and avoidance of interpersonal
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  • Spring '08
  • Borderline personality disorder, Antisocial personality disorder, Histrionic personality disorder, Avoidant personality disorder

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