10-2-08 Culture Wars (Weegee)

10-2-08 Culture Wars (Weegee) - Michael C. deGroot 10-03-08...

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Michael C. deGroot 10-03-08 Culture Wars: Lecture Notes Weegee (Arthur Felling) 1. Information About the Artist 1. Changed his Name to Weegee 2. Weegee took photographs for the newspaper but was pissed since the New York times refused to publish his photographs 3. A Tabloid Photographer 4. Difference Between Tabloids and Broadside Newspaper 1. Tabloids emphasize pictures while Broadside focus on Text. 2. Tabloids are red like a magazine, so we have none of the “continued of page 6” 3. The entire story on tabloids ends on one page 5. Because tabloids were devoted to pictures the images became more and more sensational and eventual the format began to take on the negative associates – manipulation and distortion – still present in our time. 6. Sometimes Weegee Sounds like a detective figure whose seen it all. 1. He describes best angles for shooting a corpse. 2. He never sentimental towards the victims. 7. Weegee did not see his photography as art. 8. Weegee claimed to fame was he was “Psyhic”
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1. He often reached a crime scene before the police, but he had a secret which fooled most people – he acquired a license for police radio. One of the first civilians to have a radio. 9. Used a Hardboiled Lingo 1. Called Fires “Roast” 10. Weegeenever photographs or reports on the war going on over-seas, so it images of fires and murders serve as form of escapism from national violence. 11. In 1945, Weegee leaves the Newspaper Industry after his book becomes a best seller. Everyone begins calling him an Artist. 1.
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10-2-08 Culture Wars (Weegee) - Michael C. deGroot 10-03-08...

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