Outline -ADHD

Outline -ADHD - -Oppositional defiant disorder o...

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Outline for class 4/2 Disorders of childhood – 36.7% ofchildren suffer from psychological disorders by age 16 - 23% behavior disorders - Temperament has srong biological factor Types of disorders Disruptive behavior disorders - ADHD - Conduct disorder o Behaviors that violate the basic rights of others and the norms of social behavior o Genetic disposition, deficit s in brain regions involved in planning, etc. o Treatments- antidepressans, neuroleptics, stimulants, lithium
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Unformatted text preview: -Oppositional defiant disorder o Arguementativeness, negativity, irritability, defiance, but behaviors not as sever in conduct disorder Learning and communication disorders Pervasive developmental disorders Other types Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorders Restlessness and hyperactivity Inattention Impulsivity Subtypes Theories of ADHD Biological Treatment with stimulants Prevalence Groups at risk for ADHD Pervasiveness Conduct Disorder...
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Outline -ADHD - -Oppositional defiant disorder o...

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