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1/23/08 1 Outline for Lecture 1 I. Introduction to Biol. 108 A. Instructors – contact info on last page of syllabus B. Resources: 1. Website 2. Lectures 3. The textbook is a supplementary resource C. Lecture Grading D. The Labs Goal: 1. to prepare you for further study in biology in your area of interest 2. to even out your background. II. Why study plants? A. Photosynthesis B. Most O2 in the atmosphere is of biological origin C. Living (extant) plants today are major players in the global carbon cycle D. On a global scale, photosynthesis supports all other life. Photoysthetic organisms are the primary producers OTHER THINGS PLANTS DO: 1. Habitat FOR ANIMALS. 2. Drugs. III. Plant growth and development
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Unformatted text preview: A. Seeds: 1. physiologically dormant. . 2. seed coat 3. embryo 4. nutritive tissue: endosperm. B. Major structures of the embryo: COTYLEDONS: embryonic leaves (seed leaves) RADICLE: usually the first organ to emerge from germinating seed => ROOT Seeds vary in how much endosperm they contain at the time of dormancy: C. Germination D. Morphology of seedlings IV. How do plants grow? 1/23/08 2 From simple seedlings to mature trees? 1. Organ number not fixed at germination, organs added continuously throughout the life of the plant 2. What are organs in a plant? Leaves Stems Roots (flowers are composed of leaves modified for reproduction) Axiliary buds form new shoots (branches). 3. New organs are formed by apical meristems....
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Lect+01+08+outline - A Seeds 1 physiologically dormant 2...

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