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I. Introduction to Biol. 108 Intro: Biol. 108. Syllabus: What the course is about. Plant Biology: structure and function, basic physiology, plant diversity Medelian genetics, population genetics, evolution, ecology and animal diversity A. Instructors – contact info on last page of syllabus TA’s Office hours: B. Resources: 1. Website 2. Lectures a. Importance of attending lectures; notes will not be posted on website b. Lecture questions will come from notes, not the text c. Announcements 3. The textbook is a supplementary resource a. do assigned reading before you come to class: b. after lecture go back to text as a resource to understand what you may have missed in lecture, or for a different perspective C. Lecture Grading a. Four hourly exams, drop the lowest score b. Multiple choice, c. All from lecture notes, about 20% synthesis d. Final-comprehensive, e. No ‘curving’ at the end of the class D. The Labs: a. Lab Manual: available at the CO-OP Bookstore. b. You do not have lab this week. c. The importance of the lab: Hands on practical experience with the course material. see biology in action d. Also a chance for you to get to graduate students in biology. We have a super group of TAs in this class. Ask them what they are interested in. e. As a measure of the importance of the lab: 1/3 of the overall grade. Goal: 1. to prepare you for further study in biology in your area of interest 2. to even out your background.
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Questions? II. Why study plants? Remind you what you already know. Without plants, there would be no life AS WE KNOW IT. Why?
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Lect+01+08papersaving - I Introduction to Biol 108 Intro...

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