Decision making and self-governance part 4

Decision making and self-governance part 4 - concerns...

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Without question, I believe that global warming is a very pressing issue and is directly attributable to human actions. Increased CO 2 emissions attributable to the burning of fossil fuels are indisputably correlated with increased greenhouse gases being trapped in the atmosphere and the recent accelerated heating of the planet. In the United States, the generation of electricity is responsible for more CO 2 emissions than any other source. The effects of global warming are most evident in the polar environments, where faster ice melts and rising sea levels are being seen. Urban and industrial areas have been affected too. Emission pockets are being created in these areas because emissions are being created faster than they can be dealt with, creating areas of increased temperatures. While global warming is a very important issue, I do tend to think that we have other equally pressing issues to deal with, including the economy, the education system and our military
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Unformatted text preview: concerns worldwide. However, we cannot wait for these other issues to all be resolved before setting out to conquer global warming. If that were to happen, we’d never actually get around to making substantial changes in the areas of global warming and climate change. We must act now as individuals and as a country to put a halt to global warming. As the younger generations take over older industries sustainability will become a focus. As this becomes status quo, the government can step in and make sustainable practices mandatory, which would be a huge step toward controlling global warming. We already have a good start with carbon trading, emissions credits and the actions of conscientious individuals. However, we must do more and do it quickly if we want to protect our planet....
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