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Devon Siegel – das257 Human systems – Part 2 Values: Honesty: Honesty is a big part of the way I have chosen to live my life, as it is my decision to be honest every situation. Honesty is extremely important, and a value that is consistent part of my everyday interactions. I make a conscious effort to be honest with all of the people in my life. It penetrates my life because there are many situations that come up every day when I decide to be honest even though it might not result in the easiest situation to deal with. I am proud to say that I am honest, and I would easily stand up for the importance of this value. Hard work: Working hard is not just a necessity as a Cornellian but also a value that I have chosen to apply to my life and care a lot about. I could’ve chosen to not work hard, but this would’ve left me disappointed in myself. I care very deeply about the results of my hard work. Working hard is something that I do consistently throughout the year, which can be seen in my
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