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Problems - I divided the problems facing the world into...

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I divided the problems facing the world into three categories: environmental, economic and social. Environmental problems I thought of are: pollution (air, water, etc.), deforestation, global warming, desertification and extinction of both plant and animal species. Economic problems include: the near-collapse of the U.S. financial system, increasing unemployment, a declining job market and increasing poverty. The social problems I noted were: increasing poverty, insufficiencies in the education system, racial issues, obesity and starvation. Environmental problems tend to “keep to themselves.” However, there is a huge overlap of economic and social problems in more than way. The first way in which these sectors overlap is that the same problem can be found in both areas. For instance, poverty and public health issues are both social and economic problems. The second way in which they overlap is that a problem in one area can cause or exacerbate a problem in the other area. As an example, problems in the
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