Sustainable development part 1

Sustainable development part 1 - Pro-sustainability...

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Pro-sustainability articles: 1. “Obama directs regulators to tighten auto rules” John M. Broder, NY Times 1/26/2009 Source: Summary: President Obama directed federal regulators to set strict limits on greenhouse gases from cars and trucks in 14 states. He has also ordered the Transportation Department to come up with stricter rules regarding fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks. Explanation: President Obama obviously sees sustainability as a major issue. Less than a week into his presidency, he has already made major steps toward improving the automobile-caused problems. With over 100 million cars on the road today, these strict federal limits could make great strides in decreasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. 2. “In France, “liberté” comes with two wheels” Katrine Bennhold, International Herald Tribune 7/15/2007 Source: Summary: Starting in July 2007, in a program called Velíb, more than 10,600 bikes on 750 self-
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Sustainable development part 1 - Pro-sustainability...

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