Systems theory part 1

Systems theory part 1 - Recycle Walk to class Use a...

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Of the problems I listed in the previous assignment, the environmental problems are most important to me. These problems included pollution, resource degradation and plant/animal extinction, among many others. These problems are most important to me because, apart from simply being environmentally conscious, I enjoy living in “the country” and I want to ensure that “the country” still exists in good condition for future generations. To do this, I will: Continue to: Turn off the lights when I’m not in a room
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Unformatted text preview: Recycle Walk to class Use a reusable coffee mug Use reusable grocery bags Start: Using public transportation to go to the mall, Wegmans, etc. Turning down the heat at night and when no one is home Buying goods made with recycled materials Eating locally and/or organically grown food Stop: Speeding Driving unnecessarily Leaving things plugged in (cell phone charger, printer, etc.) (or atleast attempt to stop) taking long, hot showers...
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