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Part A: One system in which I live is Hunterdon County. Hunterdon County is part of a larger system called New Jersey, which is part of an even larger system called the United States of America. Within Hunterdon County, there are subsystems called townships. The township in which I live is Franklin Township. I am also part of a system called Cornell University. Cornell is made of up of 7 subsystems, i.e. the individual colleges. Of these colleges, I am part of CALS, and within CALS I am part of the Animal Science Department. Cornell University is part of the larger higher education system of the United States. Part B: The system that I will analyze is the transportation system of New Jersey. NJ Transit is a large system composed of smaller subsystems used to move people around the state of New Jersey. Its purpose is to provide safe and efficient public transportation to the
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Unformatted text preview: residents of NJ, consequently reducing automobile traffic and pollution in the state of New Jersey. NJ Transit is embedded within the collective, national system of public transportation systems. It is affected my many other systems. These include the transit employees’ union and construction companies. If the employees decide they are unhappy with wages or working conditions, they can go on strike and effectively bring NJ Transit to a stand-still. Construction companies can have a similar effect in both good and bad ways. They can help maintain the road and rail surfaces and keep NJ Transit running smoothly or they can build in such a way that bus and train routes must be altered or shut down. NJ Transit has 3 subsystems: buses, trains and light rail. Depending on the area of the state, any or all of these subsystems provide transportation for the residents of NJ....
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