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18-10 - E Chapter 18 Paper and Liquid Chromatography a...

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Unformatted text preview: E: Chapter 18 Paper and Liquid Chromatography a L". U a Sample Pro—Laboratory Quiz E |. Who first used i:hnornatogralgihy,I for the separation of natural products? a E. E. . E. 2, What type of chromatography was invented to help discover the structure of proteins? ‘ 3. Give a definition of chromatography. 4. To obtain good separations in chromatography, what factor must he maximized and what factor must be minimized? 5‘ What is one measure of the efficiency ofa chromatographic System? 6. What is partition? Tr'. What does HPRPLC stand for? _ 3. In the partition chron'tatoga'alzthyr of a noneiectroiyte. give the expression that relates Rf to partition coefficient and distribution ratio. _- 9. Describe ] reverse phase-stationary phase used in HPLC. "”— 1840 ...
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