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1. How does the business strategy affect information systems and organizational decisions? The business strategy, organizational strategy and information strategy makes up the Information Systems Triangle. As the book states that successful firms have an overriding business strategy that drives both organization and informational strategy. Everything from a company’s structure, hiring practices, and other components of organizational strategy, as well as software, applications and hardware are all driven by the firm’s business objectives, strategies and tactics. The book states the above but I still feel that all three strategies have to work together to be successful. 2. What generic strategy does Roche appear to be using based upon this case? Provide a rationale for your response? Dau, Thanh K The strategy that Roche is using in the case is the differentiation strategy because its industry wide and its uniqueness is perceived by customers. From their track record they are
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Unformatted text preview: trying to and creating a new scientific method by making it more competitive and achieving a higher success rate. People are starting to see them as making a huge difference and the new way to better medicine. This strategy is helping them create a competitive advantage over their competitors. 3. Apply the hyper competition model to Roche. Which of the 7 Ss are demonstrated in this case? Explain your answer. I think that Strategic soothsaying for Roche is beginning to open new doors for them by creating new ways to treat Medicare. The Roche develop strategic soothsaying by using technology and competition to speed up the process while not trying to waste time because some scientist’s reputations are at steak. The hypercompetition model suggests that speed and aggressiveness of moves and countermoves in any given market can create strategic advantage. Clearly this case demonstrates Roches concern with a speedy discovery. An example is its Fail Fast philosophy....
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