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2-18 - Chapter 2 Spectroscopy Lay your pizza box out flat...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 2 Spectroscopy Lay your pizza box out flat. Use your razor knife to cut out the shaded portions shown in the cutting template. (Use a piece of corrugated cardboard as a cutting board. The soapstone lab bench tops are actually quite soft.) Also make the U-shaped cut indicated in the diagram. Don‘t worry too much about the exact dimensions at this point. Almost anything in this experiment can be fixed with black tape! CAUTION: Please be careful, these blades are sharp. Now put the box together tightly using black electrical tape. The only light permitted in should be through the openings that you have cut. Use a small piece of black tape to temporarily tape the shutter in the "closed" position. Now use 2 pieces of black electrical tape to define an approximately 1 mm entrance slit. Obtain a piece of plastic difi‘raction grating and orient it correctly on the box before taping it permanently with black tape. To do this, hold the box so that you can look into it through the square hole, and point it vertically so that light from the fluorescent light enters the slit. Hold the grating over the square hole with your index finger while still looking into the box. You should see a visible spectrum (rainbow) to the right of the slit in the area of the Window. If a m horizontal rainbow is observed, then rotate the grating 90° (see figure below). Try to handle the grating by the edges as much as possible. ism l I Spectrum Not spectrum Vlew lnslde the box Once you are satisfied. carefully tape the grating to the box (tape around the edges). NOTE: The entire spectrum should fit in the window. Ifit does not, then the window may need to be enlarged. Show your completed spectroscope to your TA before moving on. NOTE: You will need your spectroscope to complete your bummed: assignment. After that, it is yours to keep! 2-18 ...
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