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2-22 - Questions Goals Experimental Steps This graph is the...

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Unformatted text preview: Questions.- Goals: Experimental Steps: This graph is the spectroscope calibration line which will enable you to find the wavelengths of unknown spectral lines, bands, etc., in any emission or absorption spectrum Q7. What is the optimum shutter setting for viewing only the emission spectrum? What is the optimum shutter setting for reading the graph? Q8. Determine the equation for the calibration line. (Why not write this on top Q9. Would this calibration line work for your neighbor's spectroscope? Q10. What could you do to ensure that the calibration line was the same for any spectroscope (with the same size box)? spectra . dam. - 1. Electrical discharge tubes containing (a) hydrogen, and (b) helium are along one side of the room and are connected to a high-voltage supply. Ask your Instructor to switch them on for you. CAUTION: Be careful not to touch the tubes or metal strands or you will get an electrical shock. 2. View both discharge tubes before making any measurements so that you can get a good idea what line spectra look like. 2-22 11 ‘r ...
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