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Chapter 17 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages...

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Topic: Ch.17: An Industrial Order Emerges, 1865-1880 Date: September 20, 2008 3:03 PM Reply Forward Topic: Ch.17: An Industrial Order Emerges, 1865-1880 Date: September 14, 2008 11:19 PM Compiled Messages Print Save as File Subject: Chapter 17 Author: CATHERINE VANWINKLE The expectations about economic mobility portrayed by Horatio Alger in his many books were unrealistic for its time and today. In Alger’s books he would write about a heroic main character who would overcome poverty throughout the course of the book. These stories were unrealistic for the nineteenth century and today due to the condition of the economy. In Alger’s books the hero usually finds wealth relatively easily compared to the reality of the time. With the condition of today’s economy it is hard to maintain any type of wealth let alone gain any. Prior to industrialization, America was predominately an agricultural society where farm households supplied the majority of the crop for the country. However, there were speculations about improvised agriculture that helped to gear the motion of industrialization. Industrialization changed work from labor intensive cropping to mostly supervisorial and mechanical. The expectation of productivity greatly increased with industrialization because human errors and disadvantages were no longer a factor in development. The blue collar laborers are similar to the jobs of the youth today. Most teens and young adults hold the tedious minimum wage jobs similar to those of early industrialization. White collar work is similar in that mostly business owners and managers make-up today’s white collar workers. During industrialization, the factory owners and managers made the majority of the profits while the workers continued to struggle with poverty. In today’s society it is becoming even harder for the working class to better their financial circumstances, even with an education while business owners and the already wealthy continue to improve their financial standing. I believe that the “American Dream” has been made to be unobtainable by the majority of Americans. I believe that it is possible for few and that it is becoming harder and harder for the working class to live “the dream”. My father is in a labor union and from what he is going through now it seems that even labor unions are unable to help in today’s economy. Even seeing what happened recently with faculty workers in public schools and the strikes at grocery stores. I feel that the hope that unions once brought people is slowly diminishing. The article “Governor Tries to Defuse Union Wrath” shows to me the governor is trying to make impossible promises that will not pass in November so that it seems like he tried and the people shot it down. In regards to the issue of unions it seems that unions seem to have an effect on efficiency with politics. Results, however, are another story. Subject:
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Chapter 17 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages...

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