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Chapter 17 Questions - today? Furthermore, do we still need...

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How did the expectations about economic mobility portrayed by Horatio Alger compare with the realities of worker's lives in the late nineteenth century and today? How did industrialization transform the nature of work and expectations about work? Finally, can you relate to the world of early industrial/blue collar laborers? How similar is the nature of white collar work today with the industrial workers of the late nineteenth/early twentieth centuries? Do the articles regarding decling wages for college graduates and the rise of the "super-rich" point to any disturbing similarites with industrial/blue collar work? Is the "American Dream" still possible inspite of the growing evidence of income and wealth disparities in our nation
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Unformatted text preview: today? Furthermore, do we still need labor unions today? Are they important eventhough only 8% of the American workforce today is in a union? Does the L.A. Times article (Governor Tries to Defuse Union Wrath) indicate both the promise or peril of unions? To answer these questions in depth, you should also read the sections in chapter 18 dealing with the industrial economy and organized labor and the additional web readings. .. of 1 1/25/2009 8:39 PM...
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