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Chapter 24 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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Topic: Ch.24: The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1939 Date: October 26, 2008 10:12 PM Compiled Messages Print Save as File Subject: The New Deal Author: ANDREA BUE The New Deal was a revolutionary change in the way that our society ran here in the United States. It brought into existence things such as Social Security that has helped the elderly enjoy their lives after working long and hard for so many years. Clearly the Great Depression was a economic meltdown that effected the lives of almost every single American. The poor could no longer find work, therefore not able to provide for their families. The Middle Class became poor, and the wealthy found themselves losing much of the wealth that they had in most cases. In my opinion it was the very social programs instituted by Roosevelt that brought this nation back from the economic meltdown. The New Deal is still relevant in todays era as well. Clearly we are seeing a risk of Social Security being a thing of the past if we don't get some sort of a solution for it. This is a scary proposition for most Americans as clearly after you have unfairly worked your entire life you should at least be able to enjoy the end of it. However with growing debts in this nation, the bailout of Wall Street, the wasteful spending on the war in Iraq, and many other wasteful programs we are looking at a very real potential of not having Social Security waiting for us when we reach that age. This leads to my views on Government. I personally am a supporter of Government and all that it can provide. So often opponents of big Government point to it's flaws, and certainly there are many of them. However in my opinion these same people are forgetting that we the American people are the ones putting these politicians into their office in Washington or on the local level. Instead of just complaining about things, if more people would take the time to follow the issues and form an educated opinion on the candidates I believe that Government would work well for us. And what is the alternative to big Government? Over the last eight years it has been big business that has been in power in our country. These gigantic corporations are not elected by the American people, and their only motive is their bottom line for themselves and their share holders. I certainly fear that a whole lot more than I fear someone who was voted in to office that the people voted for. As a matter of fact the current economic crisis that we face is a direct result of corporate greed. The greed of corporations like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the large oil companies etc. The only true mistake that Government made in all of this is that they deregulated any sort of oversight on these corporations, essentially putting these corporations in charge of anything they wanted and that failed us drastically. So that leads me to my next opinion. I am also a fan of most social programs and socialistic economic views. I believe all Americans should
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Chapter 24 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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