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Chapter 29 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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Topic: Ch.29: America Under Stress, 1963 - 1975 Date: December 8, 2008 8:05 PM Reply Forward Topic: Ch.29: America Under Stress, 1963 - 1975 Date: December 8, 2008 7:49 PM Compiled Messages Print Save as File Subject: Chap 29 Author: SONYA MICHALOWSKI The Iraqi conflict has evolved over the course of its duration. In the beginning just like with Vietnam Americans were hesitant about interfering with another countries rule. We rejoiced when Saddam was captured and looked forward to our troops returning home. We looked forward to the Iraqi people taking on our form of democracy so that we could nurture a business relationship with them. Little did we know there was a different type of warfare that our military was not familiar with. Women and children are used as suicide bombers to kill opposing ethnic groups. We were also surprised to find out that not all of the Iraqi people wanted our form of democracy. They did not embrace freedoms and liberties that we hold so valuable. It was almost as if the Iraqi people did not appreciate the loss of American life on their behalf. But the truth is did they ask for our involvement? Did they ask for our help. We have found evidence of human rights violation by the Iraqi government and we were able to hold the responsible parties accountable. These violations can be found in every part of the world but the U.S. is not in a hurry to stop those. I find it interesting that Carafono, in his article Comparing Iraqi and Vietnam, believed in 2004 that the war was over. He considers the aftermath that we are dealing with as a post-war period. Some say the failure of Vietnam was not a military failure but post-war activity. American troops are still losing their limbs and lives on a daily bases. We are still at war. I agree that the United States has a legal obligation to rebuild infrastructure and to assist in the establishment of a government. I think there should be a timeline for this to take place. I do think that the timeline should be based on the opinion of military experts and not politicians. Withdrawing our troops on gradual bases is a must to force the Iraqi government into action. The civil war that is taking place can last for the next 50 years. I think we need to insure that we have meet all of our legal obligations and put in place better intelligence to combat terrorism . One important parralale in both wars is the power of public opinion. During the Vietnam era many college students formed groups that protested the war. Some protested because they did not believe in war. Others protested because they were fearful of a draft that would halt their path to higher education. The organized protests were very effective in getting the attention of the White House. They held sit ins, produced newspapers and rallies . Johnson created the CointelPRO and Operation Chaos to spy on protesters and to investigate any communist connections. Today we see many people who are against the Iraq war. Again some do not like the act of war. Others feel that
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Chapter 29 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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