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Chapter 30 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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Topic: Ch.30: Facing Limits, 1974 - 1991 Date: December 16, 2008 1:27 PM Reply Forward Topic: Ch.30: Facing Limits, 1974 - 1991 Date: December 15, 2008 12:20 AM Compiled Messages Print Save as File Subject: Chapter 30 Author: CATHERINE VANWINKLE Ronald Reagan stood for less government involvement as well as lower taxes. Both of which are favorable position of American people, both at that time and today. He was a successful governor of California and proved to people that he would fulfill his campaign promises, a rarity in politics of any generation. So not only did Ronald Reagan promise people that he would accomplish the changes that the wish but he had given them the hope of follow through that is so frequently lacking in our political system. I think this combination made him a successful candidate. Reaganomics was the term use to describe President Ronald Regan’s economic policies. These policies included four main points; reduce the growth of government spending, reduce marginal tax rates on income from labor and capital, reduce government regulation of the economy, and control the money supply to reduce inflation. I believe that the most important of these concepts for the time was the plan to reduce inflation, which was at an all time high. The economic policies of Ronald Reagan were immediately gratifying and successful. They gave him great support. However, these policies had disastrous long-term effects due to their immediate fix nature. Economic problems today signal that reducing the growth of government spending is the most important while changes like tax cuts and reduced government regulation of the economy have helped to expedite the economic drought that we experience today. Ronald Regan’s conservative position and his well-liked persona and good reputation helped to make his presidency a conservative revolution. I would most defiantly rank his presidencies as one of the greatest of the twentieth century. I do however think that the recent disappointment of President Bush’s time in office and recent scandals in politics have helped to glorify his presidency. Subject: chap 30 Author: MARIAM ELGAWHRY There were many expectations that influenced Americans to vote for Ronald Reagan. At the time of the elections, Ronald Reagan made a lot of promises to the American people. He promised to restore America by reducing government involvement and freeing American ingenuity and competitiveness (Berkin 972-73). Americans expected Reagan’s policies to boost up the economy and help them live the “American dream.” During Carter’s term, he failed to help prosper the economy and became very unpopular. To the American people, Reagan was a conservative who believed in “a renewed America, powerful and prosperous” (Berkin 959). The American people believed that by having a conservative president would free many businesses of many needless government controls. They also wanted more emphasize on traditional social and family values. The Americans also expected Reagan to attack liberal economic and social problems and concentrate on foreign
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Chapter 30 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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