Chapter 31 Discussion Posts

Chapter 31 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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Topic: Ch.31: Entering a New Century, 1992-2002 Date: December 21, 2008 8:43 PM Compiled Messages Print Save as File Subject: Chapter 31 Author: JUAN CASTRO The United States seems to be constantly involved in Middle Eastern affairs. Whether it’s Carter negotiating the Camp David Accords, the U.S supporting the Shah in Iran, or the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S is in the middle of the conflict. Many will argue that the reason the United States takes an interest in the Middle East is because of it’s oil. Thus, the U.S is more interested in securing it’s own interest, instead of the people in the region. What are the possible outcomes of this “war on terror?” First, many fear that this war on terror is turning into another Vietnam, an uphill battle which will only end in high numbers of American casualties and a huge bill which will be passed on to the tax payers. There has been unrest in the Middle East for a long time. Our text, Making America, states the following concerning Vietnam, “The Vietnam war ended as it had started, with Vietnamese fighting Vietnamese.” So it will be with the war on terror, with fighting and struggle amongst each other. Second, if the U.S continues in this war, we are adding fuel to the terrorist hatred of the west. We are seen as usurpers and occupiers, not freedom fighters. Author Rory Stuart states the following, “Iraqis and Afghans do not want their country controlled by foreigners and non-Muslims. A powerful and effective minority is trying to kill us. The majority is at best lukewarm: they may dislike Sadrists or the Taliban, but they prefer them to us.” September 11, 2001 was a dark day in American History. The United States responded to the attacks by declaring war on the “axis of evil.” We invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet we are still in that regime seven years later fighting the same war with no end in sight. I believe President Bush reacted emotionally rather than rationally. A PBS website states the following, "We thought it was time to go back to the roots of terror and take a closer look at why so many of Bin Laden's recruits come from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and other countries where critical battles against terrorism must be fought." The Bush administration should’ve done more research rather than act on emotions and bad intelligence. On the surface it seems that we are more secure now than before. After all, we have not had any major terror attacks on American soil. However, because the U.S invaded Iraq, many have joined al-Qaeda and other terror groups because they believe the U.S to be invaders. I just hope we continue to go without terrorist attacks in the future. Why do the terrorist hate America? In an article entitled Blowback author Chalmer Johnson states the following, “The suicidal assassins of September 11, 2001, did not ‘attack America,’ as our political leaders and the news media like to maintain; they attacked American foreign policy.” Although many American’s are unaware of our current and past administrations involvement in questionable foreign policies, the
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Chapter 31 Discussion Posts - Compiled Messages

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