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Beer’s Law Problem See problem 2.40, page 56 of text for a statement of the problem. In this problem, we have an example of the solute AND the solvent both absorbing the 520nm light. In this case, Beer’s Law becomes: solvent solvent solute so A C A A A + = + = ε ln Thus, for solution #1: we have: 0.449 = A solute + 0.012 or that A solute = 0.437 . Likewise for solution #2, we have A solute = 0.356 . In the lecture overheads, I called these “corrected” values of absorbance. We now use A solute = ε lC to answer the questions posed by the problem. (a) Calculate the molar absorbtivity assuming a 1cm path length. (b) Determine C for the second solution
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