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Palestinian Israel Conflict paper

Palestinian Israel Conflict paper - Kaleb Stonacek A...

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Kaleb Stonacek A Conflict Continues In the Palestinian and Israeli conflict I believe that Israel is more to blame. This is true for three reasons; the first major problem is that 750,000 Palestinians in 1948 war were removed from their homes to create the state of Israel, second the US is bias in backing Israel making peace impossible, and third Israel has made it impossible for the treaty of 1993 concerning the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The removal of 750,000 Palestinians from their homes is a foreign occupation of country which leaves Palestinians with no other option but violence causing a serious problem. It is very reasonable that Zionist (Jewish) forces be met with opposition when taking over what Palestinians have called home since 1800 BCE. with only 414 years of Jewish control. This has created a huge number of Palestinian refugee’s without a home. The US backing of Israel allows the conflict to escalate causing a major problem.
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