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Brittany Brady Popular Music in America TR 9:25 am Final Project Rebels, Rogues, and Sworn Brothers: Lucero “Ultimately, Lucero live to rock and rock to live. No more. No less. It’s really that simple,” says Amy Sciaretto, the woman in charge of the “ABOUT” section on Lucero’s official website. They are a band that has been tagged many things. Lucero can be found as alternative, punk, country, alternative country, and southern rock. Wikipedia sites them as Rock N Roll. Itunes sites them as country. Regardless of their genre label, they have a distinct sound and flavor unique to their style of music. Lucero was formed by Brian Nichols and Brain Venable in 1998 when they decided to throw a country spin on punk rock music. Ben Nichols previous band was Red 40. Lucero is Spanish for “bright star,” which Venable came up with, while Nichols was the song writing force. There earliest works were slow “cowboyish emo, “ as termed by the group. Drummer Roy Berry and bassist John Stubblefield, joined shortly thereafter and they recorded “The Attic Sessions.” This was a self-produced and self- distributed work on a 12inch vinyl. Soul is Cheap Records picked it up in 2000 and re- released it on CD. Lucero was picked up by Landmark Records long before 2000, and Lucero began playing their hometown Memphis bars and nightclubs. They met Cody Dickson and the North Mississippi Allstars who helped them record and release their first album which was self-titled. They began opening for Dickson and The Allstars, and recorded Tennessee, their second album. Venable found the road too stressful and was replaced by Steve Selvidge in 2003. That Much Further West was then produced in a
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Lucero Project - Brittany Brady Popular Music in America TR...

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