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ICS 125 Mid - ICS 125 Mid-Term This project essay is a...

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ICS 125 Mid-Term This project essay is a structured inquiry into the impact of global forces on identity and our awareness of this. Aim to write five pages (Times 12pt, 18pt spacing), with citations and an additional bibliography page as necessary. Identify four identity terms by which you are known or would want to be known. Of these, one should be one you think of as ascribed, one should be one you are aware of using instrumentally, one should be personal/private and/or chosen one should be a collective/group term or category By identity term, I mean what we have been calling a term of difference (gender, family, nation, ethnicity, race, religion, and so on). In addition to those we have discussed, you can be creative; for instance, if there is a brand, team, or historical/fictional figure that factors in your identity, you could list this. In each case: 1) discuss the kind of identity under consideration (ascribed, instrumental,
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