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Take home final - Question 2B The Shi The Shi existed as a...

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Question 2B The Shi The Shi existed as a warrior/knight class in Ancient China. Their role and social importance evolved throughout China’s history. This evolution is predominantly based on society’s stratification of goods, the social hierarchy, cultural traditions, and the importance of education in administrative duties. Their role in the Zhou dynasty was predominantly that of a simple warrior class. Their social importance was middle to low at best. They were extremely loyal to their lords or duke, because society placed extreme importance on loyalty to family and state. They where trained at birth to become masters of war in weapons play and strategy; however, what separated them from other social classes was their education. They became highly schooled in particularly The Book of Odes, and Documents which became crucial in later years. As in any society as the cultural values shifted so did the social construct and duties of the Shi. In the middle to late Zhou dynasty the threads that had held China’s social structure and values together began to unravel. This involved many external and internal factors. For one the ruling administration (or dynasty) began to lose control, this caused individual states to become more externally independent from the dynasty. An excellent example, of this was the king of Tzo-ch’an who began to tax his people directly and
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Take home final - Question 2B The Shi The Shi existed as a...

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