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Problem Set 1 – Grading Explanations_1

Problem Set 1 – Grading Explanations_1 -...

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Problem Set 1 – Grading Explanations For particular cases, or if you want to find out the causes of your particular grade, please come see me. In most cases, it should be clear from this explanation why you lost points. There were two ways, overall, in which people got dinged on this problem set. The first was simply that that you didn’t put enough work into the problem. Wrong answers were given nearly full credit so long as it could be documented. Poorly commented code with no explanation AND a wrong answer was bound to get you dinged on the points. The second place was that people didn’t have time to run part 4. I gave as much credit as I could here, but I needed something. 1) The quick answer and explanation can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNA_sequencing_theory For E. coli you need ~1 run. For humans you need ~700 depending on your assumptions (I took a big range of answers). Nearly full credit was given even if you were dead wrong so long as you documented you work well.
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